2017-08-25 20:14:52 by Cr1XX

Hi Guys! Cr1XX Here!

I am working on a new proyect! this time its gonna be more rock-oriented song than my other songs,i think the release date is... 28 or 29 august. Lets hope i have the song finished for one of those days.Meanwhile,have a good day!.


Chinese traduction:

嗨,大家好! Cr1XX这里! 我正在开发一个新的产品!这一次它会比我的其他歌曲更加是摇滚导演的歌曲,我认为发行日期是28或29月8日。让我希望我有一天能完成这首歌。同时,祝你有一个美好的一天!

Japanese traduction:

こんにちは、みんな!ここでCr1XX! 私は新しいproyectに取り組んでいます!今回は、私の他の曲よりもロック志向の曲になると思います。リリース日は、8月28日か29日かと思います。その日のうちの1曲が終了したことを希望します。一方、良い一日を!

Korean traduction:

안녕 얘들 아! 여기에 Cr1XX! 나는 새로운 proyect에 맞붙고있다! 이번에는 내 다른 노래보다 더 락 중심의 노래가 될거에요, 발매일은 8 월 28 일이나 29 일이라고 생각합니다. 그 날 노래가 끝났 으면 좋겠어. 한편, 좋은 하루 되세요!




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2017-08-25 22:11:23

great! can't wait to see it up!
your Chinese sucks tho, you obviously used google translate.

*and... i thought that it spells like "project" ?? it's me or you

Cr1XX responds:

Lol thanks for pointing those things out :W